Real estate records are filed in our office and we have records that date back to 1841 when the county was formed. These records include real estate conveyances, deeds of trust, cancellation of deeds of trust, power of attorney, assumed names, separation agreements, road maintenance agreements and many more.

All of our real estate indexes are available online and images of all of our documents are availabe from the early 1900's forward.


All real estate documents filed in this office are public record and are available for public inspection at our office between the hours of 8am-5pm Monday thru Friday.

We cannot assist you in completing forms or by performing a title search, as we are prohibited from the unauthorized practice of law under North Carolina general statutes.


North Carolina has recording standards that were adopted in 2002 for real estate documents. Click here to view those standards.

Click here to see common instrument type abbreviations used in our real estate index.


All documents that are recorded with the Caldwell County Register of Deeds office are scanned at time of presentation and then given back to the individual, or placed in the outgoing mail.

  • A postage paid, pre-addressed envelope is required if requesting a document to be returned in the mail.
  • All deeds are required to have the current mailing address of the Grantee before they can be recorded.
  • All deeds and deeds of trust prepared within the state of North Carolina are required to have the name of the draftsman of the document noted on the front page.